Active Circuit Administrative Orders 2010 - 2019

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Order NumberTitleCommentsStatusDateBook/Page
2000-02Notice to Appearactive1/14/20002335/971
2000-03Investigative Costs in Criminal Casesactive3/1/20002353/1409
2000-10Sealing and Expunction of Criminal History Recordsactive12/6/20002443/2132
2000-11Security Procedures Subject to Election Proceedingsactive12/6/20002439/228
2001-04Blood or Other Biological Specimen Collection for DNA Analysisactive5/23/20012504/1924
2001-10Unpaid/Delinquent Infractionsactive12/11/20012595/1955
2002-04Fine & Cost Assessment of Unpaid Civil Infractions (order reflects incorrect number of 2001-04)(has incorrect AO number of 2001-04)active3/12/20022638/125
2002-04 (1st Amendment)Fine & Cost Assessment of Unpaid Civil Infractionsactive3/18/20022641/1950
2002-05Confidentiality of Juvenile Recordsactive3/12/20022640/687
2002-10Criminal Justice Coordinating Committeeactive8/28/20022720/2203
2002-10 (1st Amendment)In Re: Criminal Justice Coordinating Committeeactive2/25/20144636/2078
2002-10 (2nd Amendment)In Re: Criminal Justice Coordinating CommitteeOrder says 1st amendment but is actually the 2nd.active7/19/20175087/360
2002-11First Appearances on Violations of Probation & Violations of Community Controlactive8/14/20022712/806
2003-02Photographs in Dependency Casesactive2/12/20032813/556
2004-01Unified Family Courtactive1/6/20043018/1328
2004-07Due Process Administrationactive7/1/20043133/2238
2004-08Appointment of Thomas W. Lager as General Master of the Second Judicial Circuit of Floridaactive7/23/20043131/1415
2004-13Electronic Release of Election-Related Casesactive11/1/20043186/1730
2004-15Courthouse Securityactive12/6/20043205/603
2006-02 (1st Amendment)Uniform Bond Schedule & Pretrial Release Procedures, Second Judicial Circuit, Floridaactive2/13/20063455/448
2006-03Establishment of Unified Family Court Sectionactive2/9/20063454/345
2006-04Judicial Annual Leaveactive3/1/20063466/807
2007-01Child Support Enforcement Hearing Officeractive1/3/20073639/261
2007-02Destruction of Juror Notesactive1/3/20073639/259
2008-02Trial Court Staff Attorneysactive1/17/20083813/2315
2008-03Appointed Counsel: Extraordinary Ratesactive2/1/20083819/1139
2008-03 (1st Amendment)Private Appointed Counsel: Extraordinary Ratesactive8/19/20083897/334
2008-03 (3rd Amendment)In Re: Private Appointed Counsel - Extraordinary RatesTitled "3rd Amendment" but there is no 2nd Amendment.active6/16/20104130/2014
2008-03 (4th Amendment)In Re: Private Appointed Counsel - Extraordinary Ratesactive7/8/20144686/1711
2008-03 (5th Amendment)In re: Private Appointed Counsel - Extraordinary Ratesactive3/22/20164908/219
2008-07In Re: Appointment of the Office of Criminal Conflict & Civil Regional Counsel, First District of Floridaactive6/27/20083875/1337
2009-03Leon County Court Emergency Management Groupactive7/1/20094005/215
2009-04Fees - Costs for Payment of Fees; Public Defender Application Feeactive8/11/20094019/1782
2009-05Appointment of Gordon D. Cherr as General Magistrate and Hearing Officer of the Second Judicial Circuitactive10/30/20094049/1497
2009-06Appointment of Acelo I. Pedroso as Child Support Enforcement Officer of the Second Judicial Circuit of Floridaactive10/30/20094049/1498