Active Circuit Administrative Orders 2010 - 2019

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Order NumberTitleCommentsStatusDateBook/Page
1990-15Guardian Ad Litem Program: Access to Case Filesactive5/14/19902015/661
1990-22Calendar Conflicts between 2nd Judicial Circuit & U.S. District Court, Northern District of Floridaactive8/10/19902015/667
1990-26Tallahassee Bar Association - Code of Professional Courtesyactive10/10/19902015/669
1990-30Uniform Intercircuit Conflict Resolution Procedureactive11/14/19902015/692
1990-31Department of Corrections Commitment Packetsactive12/5/19902015/694
1991-09Electronic Media & Still Photography Coverage of Judicial Proceedingsactive11/13/19912015/698
1992-02Guardian Ad Litem, Right to be Notified of and Be Present at Depositions in Criminal Casesactive9/21/19922015/712
1992-03Procedures for Special Interest High Profile Proceedingsactive9/25/19922015/713
1992-03 (1st Amendment)Procedures for Special Interest High Profile Proceedingsactive1/22/19932015/716
1992-06Appointment of Prosecuting Attorneysactive11/28/19922015/717
1992-08 (1st Amendment)Approved Parenting Classesactive7/24/20032917/1714
1992-08 (2nd Amendment)In Re: Approved Parenting Classactive11/15/20134602/1407
1992-09Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990active12/17/19922015/719
1992-09 (1st Amendment)In Re: Americans with Disability Act of 1990active7/31/20134560/633
1992-09 (2nd Amendment)In Re: Americans with Disability Act of 1990active10/2/20154850/1259
1993-01Regulation of County Courtroomsactive1/21/19932015/720
1993-04Leon County Schools Juvenile Delinquency Mentoring Programactive4/1/19932015/723
1993-10Civil Rights Complaint Procedureactive9/10/19932015/728
1994-03Personnel Rules & Regulations, Outside Employmentactive2/8/19942015/732
1994-04Cash Bondactive2/16/19942015/733
1994-09Substitution of Department of Revenue for Department of Health & Rehabilitative Services, Office of Child Support Enforcementactive6/30/19942015/737
1994-12Coverage of Detention Hearings & Emergency Juvenile Proceedingsactive10/6/19942015/742
1995-01Establishment of a Juvenile Civil Citation Processactive2/9/19952015/748
1995-01 (1st Amendment)Establishment of a Juvenile Civil Citation Processactive5/16/20012500/1479
1995-04Witness Fees & Expensesactive4/18/19952015/766
1995-05Public Guardianship Officeactive4/18/19952015/768
1995-05 (1st Amendment)Public Guardianship Officeactive2/14/19972015/831
1995-05 (2nd Amendment)Public Guardianship Officeactive5/16/19972017/1692
1995-05 (3rd Amendment)Public Guardianship Officeactive8/29/19972046/364
1995-05 (4th Amendment)Public Guardianship Officeactive6/1/19982139/1572
1996-01Providing the Courts with Addressed Envelopes & Postage by Attorneys & Litigantsactive3/4/19962015/856
1996-01 (1st Amendment)Providing the Courts with Addressed Envelopes & Postage by Attorneys & Litigantsactive5/30/19972017/1689
1996-04Court Costs in Gadsden, Jefferson, Leon and Wakulla County Traffic Cases where No Hearing is Heldactive8/13/19962015/864
1996-07Guardians Ad Litemactive11/5/19962015/869
1997-06Petitions of the Florida Bar for Appointment of Inventory Attorneys by Circuit Courtactive5/22/19972017/1690
1997-09Approval of Guardian Advocate Training Course per FS 394.4598active8/12/19972039/1995
1997-12Leon County Felony Drug Intervention Divisionactive9/25/19972055/1898
1997-12 (1st Amendment)Leon County Felony Drug Intervention Divisionactive2/23/19992222/1933
1997-12 (2nd amendment)Leon County Felony Drug Intervention Divisionactive10/8/20012566/1803
1997-12 (3rd Amendment)In Re: Leon County Felony Drug Intervention Divisionactive9/30/20114294/278
1997-12 (4th Amendment)In Re: Leon County Felony Drug Intervention Divisionactive9/30/20154849/1167
1998-02Jury Management Policyactive2/17/19982098/1235
1998-03Service of Restraining Orders in Domestic Violence Cases Upon Persons Admitted to Mental Health, Alcohol, or Drug Abuse Evaluation, and Treatment Centersactive2/26/19982098/1231
1999-06Archival of Criminal Data Files Stored in Old CJIS/VSE Systemactive7/23/19992277/2208
1999-1148-Hour Civil Purge Hearingsactive11/1/19992312/2271