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You have reached the search page for court cases. If you are interested in following the status and events in cases, being able to view docket entries online is a great service.

There have been many changes over the years, driven by court rules, court cases, and Florida Statutes, as to what court records can and cannot be viewed online. Florida Supreme Court administrative orders AOSC14-19 and 15-18 will continue to drive changes on our website - what can be viewed, how it can be accessed, and the parameters permitted by search functions. Please check for updates concerning our implementation of these orders under "Newsroom" located at the top right hand side of our website.

Search returns will include complete case information for civil, criminal and traffic cases for which we have electronic records, except for cases that are confidential and exempt from public records law. There are many search criteria that can be used; once you select a case from a search return, you will be able to view the progress docket entries and other information on the case, but no images.

Further, while viewing a case, you can check the "Request Document" checkbox located beside progress docket entries to request a copy of that document. Keep in mind:

  • Not all progress docket entries have images associated with them.
  • Older cases may some or no images because we were not scanning at that time.
  • Still older cases may no longer exist in paper forms because the files have been destroyed pursuant to Fla. R. Jud. Admin. 2.430.
Please observe whether there is an image associated with the progress docket entry before requesting the document; if there is no image, there will be a statutory $1.00 per page charge for us to provide a scanned or paper version of the document. Regardless, our office will review the documents requested to insure that they have been redacted, and will contact you to advise of any charges. Once you have paid, we will complete your request and email the documents to you, or you can arrange for pickup in our office.

If you wish to view images on cases, you must complete an application for viewing, sign it, have it notarized, scan it, and return it to us at clerk_judicial@leoncountyfl.gov. You may complete and print the application form (the notarization section will print on the form but is not seen on the site) from our registered users site, the Judicial Web Site, located here.

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